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Understanding Low Testosterone and Treatment Options

Understanding Low Testosterone and Treatment Options

Testosterone is an important hormone for both men and women. It impacts sex drive, muscle mass, bone density, mood, cognition, and more.

Testosterone levels naturally decline as men age, with levels decreasing an average of 1-2% per year after age 30. A simple blood test can determine if you have low T.

Low T is associated with the following symptoms:

  1. Reduced sexual desire and erectile dysfunction – Multiple studies correlate low T with erectile dysfunction. In a meta-analysis of 17 studies, men with total testosterone under 10 nmol/L (288 ng/dL) had a 3.7 times higher risk of erectile dysfunction.
  2. Loss of muscle mass and strength – Men with lower testosterone have reduced muscle protein synthesis, more fat mass, and weaker muscle strength compared to those with normal T levels.
  3. Increased fat mass – Multiple clinical studies indicate testosterone therapy reduces fat mass, especially abdominal fat.
  4. Reduced bone density – Men with hypogonadism are more prone to osteopenia and osteoporosis. Testosterone promotes bone mineral density.
  5. Mood disturbances – Men with hypogonadism often have symptoms like irritability, fatigue, and depression. Testosterone therapy has antidepressant effects.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, call us today to get your testosterone levels tested.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy Options:

If you are diagnosed with low testosterone, testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) can effectively treat symptoms. We specialize in two main types of TRT

Topical Testosterone Creams

Topical testosterone comes in a cream formulation that is applied to the scrotum once or twice a day. Other areas of application include the upper arms, shoulders, and abdomen. Topical testosterone is absorbed through the skin into the bloodstream.

Testosterone Cypionate Injections

Testosterone cypionate is one of the most commonly prescribed injectable testosterone therapies for low T. It is delivered via intramuscular injection.

Testosterone cypionate doses are usually between 100-200 mg per injection. Due to the longer cypionate ester, the effects of each injection last approximately 7-14 days.

To maintain stable blood levels, testosterone cypionate should be injected at least twice per week. Less frequent injections, such as every 2 weeks, leads to peaks and valleys in testosterone levels. Wide fluctuations in testosterone can lead to mood changes, energy dips, and other issues.

Our practice specializes in diagnosing the cause of low testosterone and erectile dysfunction. We offer Low-T treatment options in Houston customized to your needs and goals, including TRT.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment. Proper treatment can help you feel healthier, stronger, and more energetic.

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